Since 1988, GeoExpert is providing quality services in high resolution seismic surveying. With a record of more than 500 projects, we are active worldwide and can mobilize at short notice to survey sites anywhere and to any climatic region.
We lead and perform all tasks related to seismic surveying: acquisition, processing and interpretation of seismic data.

Data acquisition

Data acquisitionWe provide the full range of 2D seismic prospecting methods in various fields of application. Our seismic data recording systems and our seismic sources are constantly evolving and updated, following the development of the state-of-the-art technology in seismic acquisition systems. In addition to seismic acquisition, we also provide permitting and field supervision in seismic data acquisition projects.

Data processing

Data processingGeoExpert’s staff has 40 years of processing experience in both deep crustal seismic projects and in high resolution near-surface investigations for geotechnical purposes. Our processing software systems feature the latest advances in seismic processing techniques. Our seismic reflection, refraction tomography and MASW data processing systems are widely used in geotechnical engineering, hydrogeological projects and natural hazard assessments . We also process seismic datasets acquired by other companies.


InterpretationGeoExpert’s team is a group of experienced geologists and geophysicists in a constant search of improving evaluation and interpretation techniques on seismic data. The interpreted results are presented both in 2D or in pseudo-3D displays.



Training & consultingGeoExpert provides assistance in learning more about seismic surveying methods. We offer personal presentations about the advantages and limitations of hybrid seismic surveying. We give non-committal advice on the choice of appropriate data acquisition parameters in accordance with the particular survey objectives.