Hydrogeologie und Hydro-Geothermie

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Hybrid seismic surveying is optimally suited in the development of ground water resources in stratified aquifers and for the exploration of mineral and thermal water in jointed rock aquifers.

Key benefits

  • Multi-disciplinary geophysical characterization of the subsurface structures by using mechanical and electrical rock properties
  • Enhancement of the interpretation reliability due to minimization of ambiguities
  • Facilitates the positioning of boreholes and thereby reduces their number to a bare minimum
  • Recording two intersecting seismic lines prior to drilling a well provides valuable information about zones of higher permeability of the aquifer
  • Cost efficient measure for financial risk mitigation


Example 1: Prospection and protection of ground water in a stratified aquifer

Mapping of a bench gravel aquifer between impermeable slope loam clay and the Tertiary bedrock in an urban environment:
Hydrogeology Example1 Situation Map

Hybrid seismic survey for verification of mandatory 5m thickness of slope loam protective cover above the bench gravel aquifer which is sandwiched between the 1000 m/s and 1500 m/s iso-velocity contour lines:
Hydrogeology Example1 Seismic Profile
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Example 2: Multidisciplinary geophysical exploration for mineral and thermal water in jointed rock formations

Combined hybrid seismic surveying with the geoelectric methods of ERT and IP investigations for a spa in the French Pyrenees:

Hydrogeology Example 2 - Hybrid seismic section

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Example 3: Detection of karstified and tectonized zones in a potential hydro-geothermal aquifer

Mapping structural details of a geothermal aquifer at a depth of 1200 m:
Hydrogeology Example 3 - Seismic section

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