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The majority of environmentally relevant geophysical investigations involve imaging the bedrock surface and the identification of permeable faults and decompaction zones in the subsurface that pose a threat to groundwater water resources.

Key benefits

  • Costs for high resolution surveying of several lines totalling 1 km for less than 15’000 €
  • Exact localisation of fault and decompaction zones for the positioning of boreholes

Example: Mapping subsurface structures in a groundwater endangered geological setting

Situation plan of a high resolution hybrid seismic surveying on the site of a chemical factory for assessing the potential of polluants posing a risk to aquifers in the underground:
Environment Example 1 - Situation Map

Refraction tomography drived seismic velocity field:
Environment Example 1 - Refraction tomography drived seismic velocity field

Reflection seismic depth section based on refraction tomography velocity field information:
Environment Example 1 - Reflection seismic depth section

Hybrid seismic section (uninterpreted):
Environment Example 1 - Hybrid seismic section

Interpreted hybrid seismic section:
Environment Example 1 - Interpreted hybrid seismic section

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