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Hybrid seismic survey for a planned hydroelectric gallery at Schwarzenberg, Switzerland (2014)

Refraction seismic velocity field derived by diving wave tomography
Refraction seismic velocity field

Uninterpreted reflection seismic depth section
Reflection seismic depth section

Interpreted hybrid seismic section
Interpreted hybrid seismic section
  • Be aware of all hazards related to geologically unstable areas before you start drilling your tunnel!
  • Slash the number of boreholes by drilling at meaningful locations only!
  • Detection of faults and decompaction zones
  • Assessment of mechanical rock properties
  • Recognition of karstified zones
  • Delineation of the bedrock surface
  • Area-wide investigation
  • Environmentally friendly – no or negligible field and crop damage
  • Applicable also in urban areas
  • Fast field data acquisition, daily progress 1 – 2 km
  • Readily available evaluation results within 2 – 3 days