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Ruden AS Geo Solutions

Ruden AS was founded in 2007 by hydrogeologist Fridtjov Ruden. Over the years Fridtjov and the rest of our team has found water on land, in deserts, under the oceans and in about 25 countries all over the world. We have developed new search models for water in unlikely places and recieved several prestigious innovation awards in the process.Ruden AS are developing groundbreaking geophysical techniques for subsurface exploration of water and minerals. Their targets include objects ranging from the size of a match box, to the largest aquifers known to man. That’s a size ratio of 1 to 1 000 000 000 000 000 (1015), comparing an ant to Burj Khalifa doesn’t even come close.


terratecterratec Geophysical Services offers surface geophysical and borehole logging services worldwide. The main objectives are the acquisition, compilation, processing, analysis and the interpretation of geophysical data.


SolexpertsSolexperts AG is involved worldwide on important projects with geotechnical and hydrogeological instrumentations and field tests.


GexplOreGexplOre brings together various actors of geosciences. Composed of geologists and one geophysicist, our company also enjoys the support of a network of national and international independent experts. The multidisciplinary aspect of our team allows us to respond to specific tasks covering a large range of activities including geology, environmental issues and civil engineering.

Espace environnement e7

Espace environnement e7L’espace environnement e7 est un ensemble de 7 entreprises actives dans les domaines de l’environnement et du paysage. Elles sont réunies dans une même arcade à Lancy (Genève) et regroupent de nombreuses compétences: géologie et hydrogéologie, agronomie, foresterie, architectes-paysagistes, géophysique, écologie, évaluations environnementales et énergie.